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Enterprise Sales Enablement
Beadworld - Online presence

Retail Chain

Online presence



A growing bead company that didn't understand why they needed social media or an online presence. 


The company had a loyal following of local beaders and no online presence.  Their customers asked to provide more info online, but the owner couldn't imagine how an online presence would be affordable or worthwhile.  




  • Several Consultations to help the owner understand the risk and opportunity.

  • Social Media set-up and management.

  • Collaboration with web site developer to ensure consistency in mission, voice and content. 

  • A steady stream of engaging content. 





Within a year they had a website, social media presence, and Pinterest pins with over one million likes (linking to their website). 

As the online brand, voice, presence, then community took shape.  Within a year the size of their online community had outgrown its local customer list, eventually leading to an expansive new web site that includes an online store.  

If you need someone to look at the health of your social presence, provide actionable feedback, and get results, talk to us!

Beadworld - Online presence


Sales Enablement



When NetApp came to us they had a tier of 200 underperforming resellers, a desire to sell into the SMB space with a low-cost product.  Oh, and they wanted to make at least 20:1 profit doing it

We knew to sell into the SMB space with a low-cost product just meant the same amount of work for less money to their partners. 


It also meant we would need a low-cost scalable way to get all those reps trained, certified and into the field.  Because the deals were smaller it would take more of them to move the needle.  


We suggested an online training portal to train, test and certify their teams.  Then graduates attended an advanced version where they obtained training on VMWare and an assessment tool as well as advanced selling techniques.  They also received two BANT appointments. 



The end-to-end program was incredibly successful. NetApp invested $1.6MM over two years and experienced $251MM in incremental sales. 155:1 ROI.  The segment of 200 underperforming partners in this program was outperforming their peers within two years and both NetApp internal teams and competitors tried to reproduce the program unsuccessfully. 

Mid-sized Manufacturer
French HW Success
Beadworld - Online presence

Mid-sized Manufacturer




Baselayer had run various unrelated campaigns over the years with several different agencies and employees.  They had never experienced the results they expected and needed to pull everything together and start seriously working their leads.  

They were aware that sales and marketing landscapes had changed and wanted to be in a position to compete head-to-head with much larger companies.  



Mad Science researched the ten best marketing automation platforms (MAP) within the client's budget and selected the one that checked off the most boxes on Baselayer's list. We launched their (MAP) as the platform to integrate, coordinate and automate their marketing efforts. 



Within two months they had a running MAP integrated with their website, social pages, gated content forms, and blogging effort. 


We helped optimize their social, blogs and web so prospects had a uniform experience and sales could see every time an email recipient visited the website.   

They were able to start nurture campaigns with 28,000 contacts, score and rate each prospect interaction for follow-up. 

They were also able to gate content.  They would blog about the content and offer a link to obtain it.  They could use their social pages to drive traffic to the blogs.  

Inbound leads doubled.  The quality of sales leads went up and reporting is now a breeze across all marketing efforts. 

Beadworld - Online presence

French HW Co. Selling in the U.S.A.


HN Bull was a hardware manufacturer from France.  They were a big deal in Europe and wanted to break into the U.S market.  In Europe, they were a big deal.  In the U.S. they were unknown.  They were also going head-to-head with HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, and many others with deep pockets and large sales teams.   


Everything they had was in French or poorly translated.  Their brand colors and copy might have impressed in France, but here it looked blocky, dated and unprofessional.  They had no footprint, no resellers, no name.  We were starting from scratch.



We started with the brand and messaging opting for features and stories that would resonate with an American audience.  We helped them rebrand, and come up with messaging that would resonate with a new customer.  We rewrote all their Case Studies and Success Stories into an easily scannable format with measurable ROI for 

We recreated all sales and marketing materials and localized French materials.  Developed an “Americanized” website with a partner portal, and developed US web and social presence. We helped recruit 10 reseller partners to sell Bull products and services in the US and Executed multiple successful demand generation activities 


Activities resulted in partners, pipe, and the biggest server deal they had ever gotten in the US.  They had a very good chance of achieving a niche place in the US server market.

Shortly after proving their viability in the US market they were acquired by a large services provider that needed a product line for replacement parts.

Start-up Hemorrhaging
Start-up Social Success
Beadworld - Online presence


Hemorrhaging Cash



InterWorking Labs, a growing start-up software company in the Silicon Valley that could not keep up with inquires and was hemorrhaging cash.


Additionally, the company was paying way too much to follow-up on those prospects and to provide engineering support to a list of common questions.

Their sales team was overworked, undertrained and unmotivated.  The engineers were expensive and spending too much of each day answering prospect or support questions.


Solution:  Repurpose Demo

They had a demo version of their product.  The solution was to repurpose it to solve several costly problems at once.​

  • Put the demo online.

  • Use demo version of software to record step-by-step instructions to the most commonly asked support questions.


  • Use the demo version of the software to demonstrate advanced functionality of the software and for sales reps to use on sales calls.

  • Added time out after 30 days and provide daily notification that the demo was about to expire starting ten days before it was scheduled to time out.

  • Added "How to buy" instructions with the notifications and a link to buy it online.


At that point, we doubled down on pushing prospects to the online demo and the salespeople could start following up after 30 days.  



  • Sales doubled three years running while expenses went down by almost 20%.

  • The sales team received relief as prospects turned to the online demo and had the most common questions answered there.

  • Sales did not have to go to Engineers to demonstrate advanced capabilities as they were already included in the demo.  

  • Sales did not have to call in Engineers during demos or meetings to demonstrate advanced features, they could use the demo.

  • We were also able to reduce the size of the sales force as the demo provided a glut of fully qualified prospects.  The firings motivated the hell out of the reps that remained. 

  • Engineers were able to spend time developing software instead of answering support questions

Beadworld - Online presence

Start-Up Software Co.

Social Engagement




RunSmart had been posting on social media with little or no engagement or measurable value.


We suggested gamification.  We found an online gamification application that allowed them to make a contest for employees and partners out of shares and reposts of their social posts. 

Each time a social post went up an email was sent to everyone in the contest.  They just had to click a button to instantly share and repost and add a line to personalize it.



The total cost for the app was $300 and winners received $300 in gift cards per quarter.

Social engagement went up by 10X.  Suddenly every employee and partner employee was reposting and sharing RunSmart posts.  Their associates online also shared and liked so the improvement was exponential. 

Their social was a feeder for their blog which talked about some gated content they could obtain by signing up.  An increase in social meant steady lead flow for sales.  

Nonprofit Success
Beadworld - Online presence


Brand, Social, and Web 




As a small spiritual center, there was a need to get the word out to potential attendees as well as to engage their existing members.  They were running off of old software because there was someone there that knew how to use it.  Their website and ability to communicate with their members was greatly hampered. As is true for many smaller centers budget was tight.


We took over social media management for them for $1000 per month.  The first two months are set-up and in month three launched everything.

We suggested a new look that followed approved branding from home office, but which did not look dated.  We used low-cost design tools to quickly create their website and collateral.  We updated many of their tools and process with cheaper ones that are now available for low-cost.  We revitalized and relaunched their social programs with specific goals in mind. 



The center had a fresh new look that was inviting and relatable, instead of old and boxy.  Their social pages now reflected the actual congregation in action.  Ongoing posts and messaging supported events and activities at the church so engagement went up.  

They added the ability to take donations online and people who had not donated before found their vehicle to support the center.  

Since younger people engage in social platforms for their entertainment and interaction youth attendance went up and youth programs grew strong.  Now every week several people attend virtually (online).

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