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As a small business owner, you are the one that has to know everything and sometimes do everything too.  If you need help with your marketing here are seven steps an intern can follow to get you started.

1. Get Clear about who you are as an organization…and put it in writing.

Designer in Studio

2. Get to know your prospects and customers,

spend some time online with them.

Marketing team meeting

3. Make a website, it's your online business online.

Website on Laptop

4. They will want to get to know you. Start a blog.


5. Establish your social presence so your people can find you.

Hand Pile of Happy Group

6. Old School marketing still going strong: events, mailers, sales kits, and more.

Trade Show Hosting

7. Measure, analyze, and course correct.

And, if you want someone to do it all for you, let’s talk!

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