Start-up Marketing Services

Rate: $50/hr. x 40 hours per month


If you decide to outsource a project, part of your workload, or an ongoing task consider working with Mad Science.    Our team is expert and seasoned. We stay abreast of the latest innovations, tools and methodologies to save time and money.  You only get one chance to do it right the first time.   Let us help make that happen! 


Start-up Marketing Services


    • Branding and Design
    • Event Management
    • Media Planning
    • Search Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Web Development
    • You Name it!

    1. Choose the package you want.

    2. Pay (3 month min. for Social Packages).

    3. We will contact you to get started immediately.  

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(480) 324-6394
17649 N. 41st St.
Phoenix, AZ  85032

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