Start-up Social Plus

Everything in "Start-up Social" plus...


The first two months will include strategy, goal setting, and creation of campaigns to achieve those goals.  In this time, we will also create the templates, designs, images and other items necessary for a targeted launch. We will launch your social sites with your strategy in mind.  We will post up to 5 times per week, and maintain your social platforms.  We will also run up to three campaigns to help drive traffic.


Start-up Social Plus


    The Social Package Includes:

    Set-up / Design

    • 2 months
    • For up to three social platforms 
    • Design, fonts, colors, images based on your branding.
    • Modification of your content for social use.
    • Content Library

    Posting / Maintenance 

    • Monthly Social Calendar - populated
    • Ongoing posting three to five times per week on up to three social platforms.

    Monthly Marketing Campaign


    1. Choose the package you want.

    2. Pay (3 month min. for Social Packages).

    3. We will contact you to get started immediately.  

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(480) 324-6394
17649 N. 41st St.
Phoenix, AZ  85032

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