Big Changes for B2B Marketers in 2020

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Forrester’s new Big Changes for B2B marketers 2020 is out and it's a pretty good read. There’s nothing that should be unexpected for a well read marketer. I think it could be boiled down to better customer focus and engagement.

Some takeaways are, really getting to know your customers well enough to know what they need to buy from you, then provide it. When you are selling and servicing in an optimal way for your customer they will seek you out. There are more companies getting onboard with the customer’s journey. Your customer’s experience with your channel equals their experience with you. Be helpful and honest in your online “help” through the buyer's journey and people will seek you out more for personal help too. (they explain why)

The new shiny object for marketers in 2020 is customer data platforms (CDPs). Not to be confused with MAPs (even though depending on the MAP you may already have this).

Here are Forrester's Top 5 Big Shifts for B2B Marketing

1. Organizations will shift toward audience-based structures

2. Partner experience value will grow to match customer experience value

3. Sales enablement will become a marketing responsibility for a majority of firms

4. Seller engagement will increase by 10% even as more transactions close digitally

5. CDPs’ value will shift from data integration to activation for half of early adopters

Here is a link to the entire article: five predictions released by Forrester

And something to brighten your day and remind you to market for your customers, not to them.

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