5-Steps to Social

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Your company needs to be on social platforms talking to your audience before, during, and after buying. Your audience is there, your competitors are there, you need to show up too.

What you need to do is simple enough:

1. Identify what you are trying to accomplish.

2. Define your audience.

3. Create your content.

4. Identify your ideal social platforms.

5. Optimize so they are easy to find, fun to read, encourage sharing and measure success.

Once you look at the options of things that can be accomplished through social platforms you need to determine which are most important to you. You know your company and goals, so how can you leverage a social program to enhance everything else you are already doing? What would you like to accomplish?

How you decide to show up, engage, use tags, promote, encourage shares, and measure success varies according to what you are trying to accomplish.

Chances are if you tasked an intern to post for your company you saw follower numbers go up. (probably their friends and families). Maybe you received interaction and that is good!

Question: How well did your social programs help you accomplish the KPIs you are being measured by this year? That is probably some advanced stuff your intern wouldn't know about. Let someone who knows what they are doing get you set up, then let the intern post daily according to a schedule, so you get the best of both worlds.

Steps 1-4 are straightforward. Step 5 is where most companies get some Marketing Services help. Posting is low cost to maintain once you have a successful strategy in place. Tying it all together, understanding the necessary business results and how to report them is crucial. Be sure to get a Marketing Strategist to help you do it right the first time, then have them back once a month or quarterly to “course correct.”

If you search Wikipedia, you’ll find information about hundreds of social media services, which serve many functions: social networking, social bookmarking,social news, social geolocation:community-building social content-sharing.

Social Platforms, 5 easy steps
Social Platforms

If you Google each platform they will provide their demographics and more information about what it does best. Look closely at the ones that match your social goals, research which platforms your village frequents and be there too. Your village is everyone that supports your brand. Your employees, family, customers, prospects, analysts, students, everyone that loves what your company is about. If you do not have a village, get one. Social will help.

Step 5: is what ties it all together. After you know what you want to accomplish, how you measure success and the avenues that can take you there. Then you need to consider your product, brand, industry, market, buyer's journey, cost, internal resources, etc. to pick the right path to where you need to go.

There are best practices, tips, and tricks to doing social right the first time. If you decide to get some help, let Mad Science help.

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