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Co-founded in 2012 to help non-profits, NFPs and small businesses succeed.

We put together innovative, low-cost marketing solutions to help clients achieve their goals. We help them stay on-time and on-budget using the latest free tools, latest technologies, and strategies.

Our Mission

Mad Science Consulting is determined to be kind, effective and innovative for our clients.  We are committed to making the world a better place one small organization at a time.  

Lezli Business Suit.jpg

Lezli Goodwin


Lezli is expert at using the latest business and marketing tools to provide better, cheaper, and faster marketing and social programs for faith communities, not-for-profits, start-ups, and small businesses.  


She sees solutions and tools you can use to create high-quality affordable marketing materials, where others want to provide complicated and expensive options.    

Lauren Goodwin

Account Manager

Our in-house content creation expert, Lauren is a pro at designing impactful, emotionally evocative marketing materials that draw attention and at using up-to-date methods to inspire engagement.

Bobby Olander.JPG

Bobby Olander


Bobby is an award-winning enterprise marketing strategist.  Winner of Phoenix Marketer of the Year and many other marketing awards for his programs.  He created small fortunes for huge companies.  The pay was great, but it was big business. 


About that time friends with start-ups started asking for advice. They were trying to compete against enterprise marketing teams. Who better to help them succeed?  Mad Science was born.  Its goal: to help the little guy succeed.    

Bobby is also a disabled Gulf-war veteran, professional musician, husband and father of five.

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